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* Faith Hill on the Cusp of Beauty
Faith Hill, DOB September 21, 1967
(the Autumnal Equinox)
Born on the Cusp of Beauty

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* Untitled
Virgo-Libra Cuspian Sophia Loren born
September 20 on The Cusp of Beauty
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* Cuspal Tales of Two Vibrations
Aries-Taurus; Taurus-Gemini; Gemini-Cancer; Cancer-Leo; Leo-Virgo; Virgo-Libra
* Ben Franklin on the Cusp of Vision
Notable long-haired visionary
Capricorn-Aquarius Cuspians include
 Ben Franklin born on January 17, 1706.  
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Astrology is purported to have played
a role in Franklin's selection of
July 4th, 1776 as the date
for signing the
Declaration of Independence here.
See the arc of his aura
in this Google timeline.
* Cuspal Tales of Two Vibrations
Libra-Scorpio; Scorpio-Saggitarius; Saggitarius-Capricorn; Capricorn-Aquarius; Aquarius-Pisces

* Laura Nyro on the Cusp of Drama
Laura Nyro - Born October 18, 1947
Laura Nyro 1966 demo of
"And When I Die" and short interview

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* Cuspal Tales of Two Vibrations

* "Cantonese Boy" by Tiger-Rabbit cuspians Only Won and Larissa Lam
She's a Rabbit, he's a Tiger, so you know it's fine.
Chinese Zodiac is on a twelve year cycle so Chinese Zodiac cuspians bridge adjoining lunar years based on individual birthdate or, as here, when a relationship is born of individuals with signs consecutively adjoined within a twelve year cycle.

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